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About The Practitioner

Kima Miller, LMT 010759

My background....

A graduate from the award winning Georgia Massage School.  I am originally from Kansas City, KS.  My experience comes from a 13 year career of teaching the sciences at the high school level.  A background from physical therapy training and a lifetime of dedication to the improvement of the lives of people around me.  

My philosophy....

Stress is the number one cause of illnesses in our country. Allowing the body time to heal and relax from its stressors and tension is like giving yourself a gift. You are presenting yourself an avenue to heal and handle the daily fatigue of life. Come in because I am passionate about making sure that my clients do not leave the way they came. It is my desire that when you get on my table you experience a release, rejuvenate and restore yourself. It is my hope that this becomes apart of your regular routine of life and not just a once a year on your birthday type present to yourself. For maximizing your longevity physically and mental stamina...for some is massage is the key to their overall maintenance of health. There are so many benefits that come with massage it is hard to just combine them all. What I can sum up is that fact that you will never want to experience life without it once you have received an excellent massage by Kima. I hope to see you soon and often.

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